Rhodiola Energy Sport 5/5 (4)

Rhodiola rosea rhodiole

The Rhodiola invigorating, a tonic muscle, improves performance in athletes, enhances resistance to stress, Rhodiola cardio-protective, regulator of cardiac muscle. The Rhodiola normalizes heart rate, cardiac contraction, lowers blood pressure, and can push their limits without forcing his body.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that significant properties of Rhodiola rosea root possessed excellent rhodiola sportanti-fatigue, physical and intellectual.

It has been scientifically proven that the Rhodiola provide improved performance while decreasing recovery time, she is highly regarded in sporting circles as it is not doping.

  • The rhodiola increases performance in athletes and boosts stamina
  • The Rhodiola is cardio-protective and a regulator of cardiac muscle
  • The Rhodiola normalizes heart beat immediately after strenuous exercise
  • The Rhodiola extension phase of cardiac contraction and lowers blood pressure in parallel
  • The Rhodiola can push their limits without forcing his body

The clinical trial on patients with fatigue syndrome, we found that Rhodiola significantly reduced symptoms of fatigue and provides intellectual attention after four weeks of repeated administration of this plant (Olsson et al., 2009 ).

The Rhodiola (Rhodiole) is a stimulant because it increases the overall physical and psychological resistance, especially in cases of asthenia (weakness of the body) or burnout, while providing energy and vitality.

If the voltage is continuous as in the athletic workouts, our body learns to tolerate stress, and increases its resistance tension. But as soon as depletion occurs, the body is fighting the higher the voltage, the disease symptoms appear quickly and escalate quickly

It is then possible to remedy these inconveniences thanks to Rhodiola and thus give your body the energy and vigor and tone needed.

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