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Rhodiola rosea rosavin

Rhodiola rosea rosavinWe live under constant tension, in the context of our profession, our privacy, we are continually sought. And this creates tension, stress levels and emotional distress, and physical Phycological very unpleasant.

The rate of premature aging diseases is 70-80%, and these diseases are the cause for most, a voltage level too high and often over long distances. Indeed, the stress throughout our life, our body is the main factor for chronic disease.

The adaptogenic plants are increasing the capacity of our body adapt to various stresses, whatever their origins. The adaptogenic have the ability to increase our endurance against external and internal tension while normalizing the body functions.
That it maintains a stable internal environment in our bodies, this effect is known as Name homeostasis (homeostasis is a physiological process for maintaining some constant internal environment of the body (total body fluids) necessary for its proper functioning). Moreover, the adaptogen accelerate significantly the process of recovery from illness.

The adaptogenic have a wider scope of healing than any herbal medicine, but their main action is that they effectively relieve the tension.

We tell you about the remarkable adaptogen second generation the “Rhodiola rosea” which is a powerful anti-aging plant. In Russia, Rhodiola is experienced as the golden root.

The Rhodiola, a plant adaptogen more powerful than ginseng or maca, acting and harmonizes the activities of three physiologic systems of the body, nervous system, hormonal system and immune system.

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